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Management Services

Regen, Benz & MacKenzie’s vetted business finance recommendations help improve clients’ finance management policies, as well as streamline internal financial management systems.

Accounting Systems Consulting

Based on our over 20 years’ experience in accounting and tax service, Regen, Benz & MacKenzie associates provide consulting and hands-on assistance with designing and installing computer and accounting systems to make your business finance procedures effective and effortless.

Forensic Accounting Support

Meeting all of our clients’ diverse needs, Regen, Benz & MacKenzie offers the unique service of forensic accounting support, which assists businesses with accounting and litigation support in the event of:

  • Lost business opportunities
  • Fraud
  • Subrogation
  • Valuation
  • And others

Business Purchase/Sale and Startup

Our associates are expert consultants for valuations and negotiations related to the purchase or sale of businesses. In addition, we offer accounting-related business startup consulting, along with development of business plans when required.


We further assist clients in developing budgets; business plans; employee and executive compensation paperwork; benefit plans and insurance programs, along with the required systems for implementing, tracking and managing these essential business elements.

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