Tax Services

Year-round, Regen, Benz & MacKenzie associates meet regularly with clients to advise them of their financial and accounting options. This can aggressively minimize the tax liability of businesses and individuals. Our dedication to consistent client contact ensures that your financial matters are handled in the most tax-efficient way.


Regen, Benz & MacKenzie assist and represent corporate, small business and individual clients with tax auditing requirements. These may include:
  • Audits related to low income housing credits, or those required by the National Association of Broker Dealers, the Housing and Urban Development Agency (HUD) and other regulatory agencies
  • Special audit reports
  • IRS regulatory audits
  • Other, special condition audits

Corporate Tax Preparation

Our expertise of corporate finance matters, including tax liability concerns and filing issues, ensures that corporate clients maintain appropriate tax oversight efficiently, responsibly and with the financial health of the business in mind.

Regen, Benz & MacKenzie associates are able to consult with and assist business clients on any and every corporate tax issue, including “special” taxes for corporations and small businesses; tax research; and development of tax- and financial management systems.

We also offer service on federal, state and local tax filing, as well as client representation in the event of audits or other issues with tax authorities.

Individual/Family Tax Preparation

Regen, Benz & MacKenzie specializes in effective, personal client relationships, which makes us the best choice for individuals and families in tax matters. We commit to year-round contact to help plan and save for annual tax filing. And, we help you quickly organize paperwork and returns for hassle-free filing, whether you have a simple return or more complex situations, from trust and estate considerations to audit concerns.

Our expertise in tax and finance also makes us the best choice for high worth individuals, who may face complicated tax planning or little-known tax implications. We regularly work with such individuals to ensure responsible and rewarding tax management.

Regen, Benz & MacKenzie offers service on federal, state and local tax filing, as well as client representation in the event of audits or other issues with tax authorities.

Tax Consulting

Whether you have complex tax considerations or prefer to file returns on your own, Regen, Benz & MacKenzie offers consulting to guide your tax planning and preparation. Our tax experts are consistently up-to-date regarding changes in tax law and other regulations that affect your tax concerns.

We stay at the forefront of tax law so you won’t have to.

Tax Planning

Tax laws and regulations change considerably throughout the year, so our associates are always available to help with tax planning.

We are able to answer all of your tax questions and offer help with issues ranging from sales and payroll taxes for corporations, to estimated tax payments and other small business and family tax concerns.

Tax Research

Our commitment to consistent education and self-regulation means our tax experts are preeminent when it comes to researching complex tax issues for corporations and individuals. Come to us with your tax question or concern, and we will help find the answer.

Tax Reference Tools

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